testing for celiac disease

Testing for Celiac Disease and Non-Celiac Gluten Sensitivity

Celiac disease is a debilitating ailment, producing many complications that can prevent us from living our lives to the fullest. It is a disease that can lead to irreparable consequences to our whole body, most especially our intestines. As is the case with almost all diseases, prevention is much easier than cure. However, patients won’t… 

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completely gluten free

Gluten-Free Lifestyle and Gluten In Non-Food Items

Nothing scares a patient away faster than giving them a long sermon about things they should never ever eat again. For gluten-sensitive patients, it is not just about providing temporary relief using a badly-researched menu. The attending physician should also see to a tolerable lifestyle. Changes in Diet When a doctor or nutritionist is approached… 

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gluten sensitivity and neurological problems

Gluten Sensitivity and Neurological Problems

The Role of Inflammation Most responsible physicians take it for granted they need to examine the situation of a patient in holistic terms. Such a clinical and diagnostic framework enables a better understanding not only the disease process but also the cause of the disease. As it happens, inflammation plays a role in different diseases,… 

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gluten in vitamins and medicine

Gluten In Vitamins And Medication

Celiac disease is a serious condition which needs constant vigilance in the part of the patient, the doctor and the pharmacist. One needs to watch carefully everything they ingest. This not only means the food they eat, but the supplements, vitamins and medication they take. Finding a Cure Western medicine prides itself for finding cures… 

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gluten cross reactivity and molecular mimicry

The Immune System, Gluten, Cross Reactivity and Molecular Mimicry

Cross-Reactivity and the Immune System The effects of gluten on the immune system and can confuse the inflammatory cells into harming our body. Our body’s immune system evolved towards preventing any foreign substance, bacteria or virus from repeatedly initiating the same reaction or consequence in our bodies. For example, we are susceptible to the chicken… 

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gluten intestinal environment

Creating The Perfect Intestinal Environment for Celiac Disease

Digestibility of Gluten It is now known that gluten is an indigestible substance in humans. This is mainly due to the structure of the protein itself. Our body requires the appropriate enzymes to be able to digest such food by reducing it to its most basic form, the amino acids that can be absorbed. One… 

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gluten and brain function

How Gluten Can Affect Brain and Thyroid Function

Celiac disease and gluten sensitivity have been described in many different research journals. Unfortunately, few take into account the possibility of ameliorating the patient’s symptoms through the reduction of symptom-inducing components of wheat. Reducing components such as fructans, a short chain carbohydrate which is poorly absorbed by the patient’s body, can help symptomatically improve the… 

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gluten sensitivity and celiac syndrome dangers

The Dangers Of Celiac Disease And Gluten Sensitivity

Gluten sensitivity is not a disease process or even a moderately bothersome syndrome. It is quite simply a state of being where the patient is highly allergic to, and cannot tolerate gluten. It is important for a patient to avoid gluten to avoid the body’s immune reaction to this compound which the body cannot process…. 

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celiacs disease and gluten sensitivity

Making Sense of Gluten Sensitivity And Celiac Disease

The Food-Related Allergies in Our Lives Allergens of all kinds surround us. The consequences range from the mildly irritating to the downright life-threatening. Sooner or later, the afflicted find themselves sensitive to some environmental condition, to textiles, fur and other clothing, to paint, smoke, scents, flowers and food. Food and drink is especially pernicious. The… 

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